Self Control

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defined: control over your emotions and actions

Hinduism When the mind is at peace, pure, tranquil, free from delusion or hallucination, untangled and free from cravings, it does not long for anything nor does it reject anything. This is self-control or conquest of mind.  – Yoga Vashistha

He who even while hearing, touching, seeing, smelling and tasting what is regarded as pleasant and unpleasant, is neither elated nor depressed — he is self-controlled. He who looks upon all beings with equal vision, having brought under control the sensations of pleasure and pain, is self-controlled. He who though living amongst all is unaffected by them, neither feels elated nor hates, even as one is during sleep — he is self-controlled. – Yoga Vashistha

For one who has conquered the mind, the Supersoul is already reached, for he
has attained tranquility. To such a man happiness and distress, heat and cold,
honor and dishonor are all the same. – Bhagavad Gita 6.7

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