Bhajan must be sung from the heart

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The Lord told Narada that he could find Him installed wherever His glory is sung by His devotees. Does it mean that He is installed in the thousands of places where Bhajan is sung?

Sri Sathya Sai Baba: “No. The pre-condition is ‘sung by devotees’. The devotees sing to please God, to acclaim His Majesty. They do not crave for exhibition, appreciation or fame, nor have they any envy or pride in their hearts. Tansen was a celebrated singer attached to the court of Emperor Akbar. He was so talented that when he sang the Raga Megahmala, clouds gathered thick in the sky. When he sang Varuna, rain fell. When he sang Nagaswara. serpents flocked before him. One day while Akbar was engaged in prayer, he heard a Haridasa, a wandering mendicant, singing a song which touched his heart immensely. Akbar called Tansen to his presence and asked him why he could not touch his heart so deeply. ‘You have all gifts and are the most talented singer, yet Haridasa moved me as never before. Why?’ Tansen said, ‘Maharaj, while I sing, I look upon your face to discover whether you are pleased or not. The Dasa sings always looking at the Face of God before him, and he is happy only when God is pleased.’ Bhajan must be sung from the heart and should not just emanate from the lips.” SSS. Vol. X, pp. 140 & 141


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