BHAKTI (faith)

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Faith in God must not be questioned. One has faith or he doesn’t. We cannot have it now and not have it at another time. If we question our faith in God then we have no faith at all.

“Accept both good and bad as gifts of God. Your faith will never waver.

Our faith is steady when we are happy. But it becomes unsteady when we are in difficulties. Our faith should not waver. Trust the Lord. Have firm faith that God is the only doer and everything happens as per His will. Nothing happens according to your will. To think that you are the doer is a sign of your ego. In fact you have no existence. Where are you? You are not there. It is the principle of Atma in you which is responsible for all that you say or do.”

–          Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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