At the gates of liberation

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At the gates of liberation (Moksha) and Self-realisation (Sakshathkara), three guards are posted to ask you for your credentials. They are: Peace or mental equilibrium, Joy or contentment, and enquiry or discrimination (Santhi, Santhosha, and Vichara). Even if one of the guards is made friends with, the others too will facilitate your entry. First in the series is peace. If you make peace yours, contentment (Thrupthi) will automatically become yours! Contentment is the true source of joy and the most valuable of all possessions. In the absence of contentment, desire and greed attain dangerous proportions overwhelming the power of discrimination itself. Desire easily becomes greed which then degenerates into miserliness and lust. These will makes you flit from object to object in mad pursuit of the evanescent sensual joy. Hence advise your mind to flow in the direction of the Lord, instead of dragging you along the floods of objects and sensual desires. Giving up all other desires and being ever content, dwell on His name and form alone. – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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