There are four paths

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There are four paths or stages that lead a person to spiritual knowledge, from the limited to the unlimited.

The first stage is Shariat. This is where the God-ideal is impressed upon mankind as authority, as fear of God.
This really means conscientiousness, not fear as is usually thought. If we love, we do not wish to displease;
love does not force us to act, but it asks us to be conscientious and take care not to cause the least disharmony
with the one whose happiness we want. …

This stage of Shariat is that in which a person asks himself what will please Him, or displease Him. He learns his
religion from his parents, from his friends. A good action pleases, a bad action displeases, and pride displeases most;
he learns everything very easily by seeing what displeases another. How easy it is; and yet they still go to a clergyman
or to a priest, to ask what pleases God. And all the time it is just what pleases man that pleases God, and therefore if
we please all around us, we please God; if we displease them, we displease God. A man who has attained to this stage
realizes what reward comes to him when he pleases the world, and what happens when he does not. – from


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