You look at that jyothi, the light

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Before you take your padmasana and before you sit on the wooden plank, have a small jyothi, a candle light, in front of you. You look at that jyothi, the light, well with open eyes. After one minute, close your eyes; after you have closed the eyes, feel that the light that you had seen before closing your eyes, is in your heart. You get the feeling that inside the lotus of your heart, right at the centre is this particular jyothi. If you are not able to picture the jyothi in the lotus of your heart and get that feeling, then open your eyes, look at the light again; close your eyes and try to picture it inside your heart once again. After that, you think of it and you picture to yourself, fix it in your mind and feel that particular jyothi is put in the centre of this lotus. After that, you take this jyothi from the centre of the heart and move it to each part of your body; bring it to your neck; from the neck bring it to your mouth; from the mouth bring it to your hand; from the hand take it to your leg; from the leg take it to your ear; take it to your eyes; take it to your head; from the head bring it out all around you; when you have brought it out of your head, you imagine that you have taken this jyothi and given it to those who are related to you; those who are affectionate to you and your friends. Not only that, spread the light even amongst your enemies. After that, you picture to yourself that you have taken this jyothi and given it to all the birds, the beasts and everything around you.

Where this jyothi or light has moved, there will be no darkness. It is in this context that all our Upanishads have said, “Thamaso maa jyothir gamaya.” Since this jyothi has reached your eyes, you will no longer have any bad vision or bad sight. Because this jyothi has gone to your ears, you will not hear evil. Because this jyothi has reached your tongue, out of your tongue will no longer come any bad words. Since this jyothi has reached your head, evil thoughts should no longer go into your head nor will they arise in you. Since the same jyothi has gone into your heart, bad ideas should no longer enter your heart. Since the same jyothi has also touched your feet, your feet should no longer walk into bad places. Because to your hands, the same jyothi has reached, your hands will no longer engage themselves in bad acts. The word bad is synonymous with darkness. In truth, if you have allowed this jyothi to spread everywhere, there is no room anywhere for this darkness or bad to persist. If, while engaged in such dhyana or meditation, you are still doing something bad, it simply means that this jyothi has not reached that particular organ which is doing bad.
Source: Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1972.By – Bhagavan Sri sathya Sai Baba.


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