Be unaffected by illusion

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Be unaffected by illusion (Maya). The intellect (Buddhi) in us is the witness of
all things in this objective world. These worldly things limit and colour the
intellect; they affect it and mould it into consciousness (Chaithanya) . Illusion
is only the intellect as affected by everything, as warped and twisted by the
impressions of everything. Therefore, the spiritual consciousness that is
unaffected by illusion — i.e. upon which the world has failed to produce any
impression – is the Lord (Iswara). Therefore, the person who is striving to
reach the stage of the Lord must be unaffected by illusion, unimpressed by the
world! How can one remain unaffected? Through analysis, rationalization,
fearless inquiry, and pure reason. To acquire this analytical reason (Viveka),
sharing in the task of promoting the welfare of every being in nature is
essential. – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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