Doing a Mantra Yagna

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Today we will talk about Doing a Mantra Yagna.

As a YAGNA is a special activity, a mantra yagna is an activity undertaken to do special mantra japa for the specified number of times.

A Lakhsha Archana is a Mantra Yagna.

This involves a mantra japa of 100,000 times of your choosen mantra – all mantra are equal in potency – they are a call to God Almighty and you can’t say that the mother will respond more eagerly if the child cried melodiously or not so if he cried hoarsely.

A Laksha Archana when doing alone or with family has to be calculated before hand – eg for doing alone, by yourself – 100000 japa  of Laksha Arcahna, divided  by 100 (beads in each mala) = 1000 malas. Each mala is 108 beads but, we take into count only 100.

1000 malas have to be done, how many malas you can do every day will tell you the number of days you can complete the Divine Laksha Archana.

Depending on the mantra you choose will be the time you take to do one mala. Small mantra will take less time and the japa of any Gayatri Mantra will take much much longer.

If your time available daily is a variable then, what you do every day, record it in a diary or note book. Here you should have your daily target written and whenever there is shortfall, due to time variable – you should do more to make up the next few days or the next Sunday you have complete all the back log. No going out for this and that – do your japa.

Now, this is the regulated daily quota, over a period of a number of days,will give you a complete Laksha Archana. Rejoice the reaching the Target date – thank your God for helping you thru this, share the joy with devotee friends and close ones, distribute prasadam.

However, the long time between the japa at the regulated time, will be the time when you remember God, and even do japa, but cannot weild a japa mala – travelling by car, bus, metro or in office or market. These days with an electronic gadget you can keep count at your own pace the japa that goes on. I have personally found that you can click upto 8,000 to10,000 on a normal day. The gadget is so small that you can click it doing your japa while talking with others – even your boss. You may even opt for this gadget to do your japa – throughout the waking hours – put it on you finger – like a ring and as you do your household chores – keep clicking as you do your japa in the back ground, and where you get involved – you won’t click. I have found this gadget invaluable in my japa.

If you have some devotee and friends who want to participate the working are the same. For eg you have group of 50 devotees. 1000 malas divided by 50 = 20 malas per head. On a Sunday you all can get together at the same place and chant out the 20 malas together.

Now, you all are empowered with the means to do your Laksha Archana – all alone or with all your friends, devotees and others.

Be warned, that there are groups who take money to do that japa for you. Baba said, when you have the cassette player chanting the mantra the credit will go to the cassette player and not to you.

With your money power – you can employ 50 pandits to do you japa, but, then will you benefit. NO.

Set your own target, Set your own pace. Do it yourself – achieve Bliss.


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