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Story of Krishna as told by Bhagavan Baba

Once Krishna came to Gokula with Rukmani and Satyabhama to attend the worshipping of Govardhana Giri. Radha had a sister called Chandravalli. They were poles apart in their approach to life.

…Chandravalli hated Krishna. She believed that Krishna, the mischief monger, created problems for Gopikas. Having stolen their hearts and making their thoughts involve around Him, she thought that He was driving a wedge between them and their husbands and other relatives. As she did not want to succumb to Krishna’s charms, she stayed back in her husband’s house. Her mother, however, was not happy about this and persuaded her son-in-law to send his wife to attend the function. Reluctantly, he agreed to send her only for three days. Chandravalli came to her mother’s house and shut herself in, as her hatred for Krishna was very intense. Radha somehow wanted to take Chandravalli to the function. She came, knocked on the door and called her. While doing so, she called “Krishna” instead of “Chandra”. This infuriated Chandravalli further. Somehow Radha consoled her and took her to the riverside to fetch water telling that there was no danger of Krishna meeting her there as He was busy attending the function at Govardhana Gir. After they walked a little distance, Chandravalli saw Krishna coming towards them. For a moment, the pot she was holding, the dress she was wearing, the trees, the creepers, the flowers, the sky above, the earth beneath and Radha, who was accompanying her, everything appeared as Krishna. Blinded by fury, she slapped Krishna on the cheek. Radha was shocked at this. She turned around and began to scold Cchandravalli. Pointing to the three welts on His cheek, Krishna smiling said, “No, don’t scold her. She has shown that all the three of us are one and the same”, and left the scene.

When Krishna came home, Sathyabhama saw the welts on the cheeks of Krishna and told Rukhmani, “Sister, see the cheeks of Krishna. Someone has slapped Him.” Rukhmani, being a person with “Sathvaguna”, did not notice them. Krishna consoled Sathyabhama and went towards the house of Chandravalli.

When Chandravalli was relaxing at her house, Krishna assuming the form of Radha went to her house and said, “Do you know that when I think of Krishna, I take His form!”. Believing it, Chandravalli spent three days in Krishna’s company. Occasionally, Krishna showed His true form, ut Chandravalli thought it was Radha in that form and kept silent. When she was about to go back to her husband’s house, Krishna took the form of her husband and came to her. He confirmed from her that neither did she go to see Krishna nor talked to Him. On the way, riding her in the cart, Krishna told her, ” Look, Krishna might even come in the form of your husband. Don’t believe Him.”

At the very moment, her husband was coming in search of Chandravalli. With hatred for Krishna ranging in her, she got down from the cart, rushed over and started beating him. The husband infuriated over his wife’s behavior cursed her and went away. The villagers, unaware of Krishna’s pranks, were alarmed at these developments. To prevent any further woman going astray, they built a pyre and made Radha and Chandravalli sit on it. They wanted this to be lesson to all those who were running after Krishna. When the pyre was lit to burn them alive, Radha saw Krishna standing just in front of the pyre. She told Krishna, “Let the disaster fall on us, we do not care. Keep looking at us like this. We will not feel any of the torture.”

When the fire started to rage, Radha and Chandravalli suddenly disappeared from the pyre. Even Krishna was not seen. In the sky above, the villagers saw Lord Vishnu riding on Garuda with Bhudevi  and Sridevi, on either side of Him. They were astonished at this marvel. This incident opened the eyes of villagers and they understood that Krishna was none other than Lord Vishnu. They conveyed the meaning of what they saw to others. They understood the Krishna Thatva – the all knowing, all pervading Lord does not leave even those who hate Him in a lurch. That being the case, how easy it is to obtain salvation through Bhakthi.

People view this sacred, unsullied love of gopikas for Krishna in a wrong sense. You are aware of the feelings, which are only concerned with the body. You project these feelings on to all sacred things. God has no physical relationship. The transparent love of the gopikas can only be understood by a clean mind and God can be reached only with pure feelings. God can never be attracted to impure feelings. Such transparent and sacred feelings were present only in gopikas. No one can match their transparent love and singular devotion. We can  have them as your ideals. You may ask, “What is the greatness of gopikas?” Was not the devotion of Ramadasa,  Kabir, Surdas and others equal to that of gopikas” Devotion of all others is a shade lower than that of Gopikas. God is pure and so have pure feelings towards Him and attain Him.

(Swami concluded the discourse with the message to the devotees present there that one could attain Him through pure thoughts and ANANYA BHAKTHI!.)

Sai Ram.

Extract from the Book, “SRI SATHYA SAI ANANDADAAYI”

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