Scripture is an eye (nethra) to humanity

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Scripture is an eye (nethra) to humanity; it is the eye that leads and illumines and guides. Follow its directions – that is one’s whole duty. That is the big task before the world today. If the scriptures are fully understood, no doubt will arise, no discussion will be needed.

It is not proper to select and superimpose on the scriptures things that are congenial to you, nor should you go against the injunctions of the scriptures. Even to challenge them and talk lightly of their commands is sinful. The world has come to this sorry pass mainly because the scriptures have been neglected in practice. This is the tragedy, the moral fall.

Even without the knowledge of the scriptures, if you have the wisdom (jnana) gained through experience and practice, you can attain the goal and also lead others along the path you have become familiar with. The dull find no need for scriptures; so too, the holy person who is immersed, always and under all conditions, in the contemplation of Brahman and in the sweetness of that bliss, has no need for scriptures. Of course, strict adherence to truth and practice of dharma may entail great hardship, but, having in view the bliss that awaits you in the end, you have to put up with all that and bear them gladly. Only the intelligent can save themselves by knowing the truth; the rest will remain bound.
– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Source: DHARMA VAHINI (Stream of Righteousness) .


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