Just as the army becomes dispirited

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Just as the army becomes dispirited and surrenders when the commander falls, so too, the army of evil qualities will
surrender its arms as soon as Ahamkara (egotism) is destroyed. The evil
qualities are all natives of the realm of anger, so if that region is destroyed,
the soldiers can never again raise their heads. It is enough to accomplish this
alone, for what can commander Egotism achieve without a single soldier to march
under his orders? So, all efforts must be directed to destroy the realm of anger
so that no commander can venture to let loose the hounds of war. Let each
spiritual aspirant preserve the region of his mind in peace, by putting a stop
to the rise of this commander and his soldiers. Let each spiritual aspirant bask
forever under the smile of the ruler, the Atma. – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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