All of you are embodiments of divinity

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All of you are embodiments of divinity. Your forms are divine. You and God are one. You are not different from God. Experience this unity. This unity is Truth. Unity is divinity. God is not separate from you. God is manifest in you. Unfortunately, you are forgetting this truth. If you forget your own nature, it amounts to forgetting everything else. Never forget your reality. Without forgetting that reality, meditate on it. Always remember this fact: “Wherever I am, I am always divine”. Hold on to this firm belief, steadfastly. Never give up this faith and your love for God under any circumstances. Never allow this faith to be disturbed by worldly objects. Keep your love secure. If you thus meditate on your innate divinity, you will realise your unity with divinity. In fact, that unity is Divinity.
– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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