God of every soul is one and the same

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Somebody can be praised by one and hated by another, and ten people may all have a different idea of the same person,
because each understands him according to his state of evolution. Each sees that person according to his own point of view,
each looks at him through his own eyes, and therefore the same person is different to each being. In the mind of one the
person is a sinner, in the mind of another he is a saint. The same person who is considered gentle and good by one is
considered the opposite by another. If this can be so in connection with a living being, it is equally possible that
various ideas of the deity should be formed in each heart, and that each soul should mold his own deity according to his
own evolution and according to his way of idealizing and understanding. Therefore the deity of every heart is different
and is as that person has imagined; but the God of every soul is one and the same, whatever people imagine. It is the same
God that they all imagine, but their imaginations are different and it is the lack of understanding of this that has caused
the differences in religion.

from  http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/IX/IX_11.htm


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