Benefits of Self-knowledge

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To interpret Self-knowledge as anything more than subjective, spiritual, is basically wrong. You know the Self, because by that knowledge you propose to keep the disturbance-prone mind steady and stable. The need for Self-realization is there because of the chaotic situation of life. To withstand oneself against the chaos is the knowledge sought. Nothing except Self-knowledge will give the steadiness and surety you need. The taapa-trayaa ( miseries caused by the body, by the world, by strange agencies in a strange manner ) are sought to be eliminated by Self-knowledge. This does not mean that the disease will be cured, but that the misery of mind due to the impact of the disease will be relieved. Will not the Self-realized saint have a body subject to aging and greying? Will not his teeth fall ? Will he not have constipation ? Will he not pant while negotiating a climb ? Diseases too are a feature co-existing with health. Out of the so many factors which compel seeking of Self-knowledge, bodily fates and challenges are also one, a strong one too. For another, it may be a flimsy and agitated state of mind. For still others, it may be the need for intellectual clarity and decision.

So Self-knowledge does not mean the `burial of the life problems’, and therefore their elimination; but it does mean the progressive and even full ineffectiveness of the problems. We use a word `dissolution’ of the problems. A problem is problem for the problematic state it creates in the mind or intelligence. For a knower, the problematic state will not be there in the mind. The better understanding and interpretation will be:

Emotionally, the mind is victimized by three basic traits – raga, dvesha and bhaya. The knowledge of Self eliminates these and makes the mind free from their scorpionic effects. All diseases of the mind are caused by these three germs.

(1) A state of fulfillment of desires, (2) a sense of freedom from all forms of miseries, and (3) freedom from spiritual, worldly and the other-worldly fears; these indeed are the ultimate benefits of Self-realization.

`Ah, why should I have this fate?’,  `Should this not be the other way?’, `Is this the symptom of being fortunate? `Does this tally with holiness?’ `How can this be the evidence of fulfillment?’ – questions and cravings of these kinds denote discontent thriving in the heart and mind. Such discontent will find its burial by Self-knowledge. Rather, as long as the least note of discontent prevails in the seeker, his knowledge is not full and steady, and the purpose for him is not accomplished.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

– Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

© Narayanashrama Tapovanam, 2011


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