Wealth / Prosperity

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Definition of prosperity: a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.

Definition of wealth: a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches

He that is without deceitfulness, he that is active, grateful, intelligent, and guileless, even if his treasury were empty, obtains friends, counsellors, and servants. Intelligence, tranquillity of mind,
self-control, purity, absence of harsh speech and unwillingness to do anything disagreeable to friends, – these six are regarded as the fuel of prosperity’s flame. – Mahabharata Udyog Parva

What you give to the needy persons, and what you eat day by day, that is your wealth. Whatever you are keeping is the hoard of spmeone else. – Hitopadesh, Chapter Mitralabha, verse 180

Prosperity voluntarily goes, for an abiding place to one endowed with resolution,  unprocrastinating, conversant with right principles of action, unaddicted to vices, valorous, grateful, and firm in friendship. Hitopadesh, Chapter Mitralabha, verse 186

Wholeness defined: a thing complete in itself, or comprising all its parts or elements.

Religious Science (Science of Mind) Spirit is a transcendent, perfect Whole that contains and embraces all seeming opposites.  As human beings, we have free will and can choose what we experience, whether it be positive or negative.  The same Principle that brings us freedom, prosperity, and joy also allows us to experience bondage, lack, or misery, according to our consciousness. (Source – Foundational Class workbook [short form], 1993 revision, #5 of 10 Core Concepts, ReligiousScience.org website publication)



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