Non-Duality / Non-Dualism

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Non-Duality / Non-Dualism Definition
The term nondual is a literal translation of the Sanskrit term
advaita (“not two”). The term implies that things
remain distinct while not being separate. The term can refer to a beliefconditiontheorypractice,
or quality.


[1] In the Bible…body, mind and spirit are looked on as aspects of a single personal unity. The self is a unified bodily agent who thinks, feels, wills and acts. The body is not considered the source of evil or something to be denigrated or escaped. Persons in their wholeness are the object of God’s saving purposes. In the biblical view, selfhood is always social, for we are constituted by our relationships and the covenants we enter. We are always person-in-community, not isolated individuals.

[2] Without resorting to dualism, we can today reject reductionist materialism and acknowledge human beings as responsible persons. As in the biblical view, we can accept the holistic character of persons as integrated centers of thinking, feeling,willing, and acting.
Source: Ian G. Barbour, Human Nature: Beyond Dualism Nature, human nature, and God

Sanskrit: English: 1. Brahma satyam jagan mithya Brahman is real; the world is unreal 2. Ekam evadvitiyam brahma Brahman is one, without a second 3. Prajnanam brahman Brahman is the supreme knowledge 4. Tat tvam asi That is what you are 5. Ayam atma brahma Atman and brahman are the same 6. Aham brahmasmi I am brahman 7. Sarvam khalvidam brahma All of this is brahman
~Mahvakya [The Great Contemplations], Mandukya Upanishad

Brahman — the absolute existence, knowledge, and bliss — is real. The universe is not real. Brahman and Atman (the ultimate Self) are one.”   Shankara, Crest Jewel of Discrimination, Prabhavananda/Isherwood trans., pp. 72-73


EIN-SOF (Heb. אֵין סוֹף; “The Infinite,” lit. that which is boundless), name given in Kabbalah to God transcendent, in His pure essence: God in Himself, apart from His relationship to the created world. Source

leit atar panui mineha, “there is no place devoid of God.”  Tikkunei Zohar (57)

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