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Teacher defined: a person who teaches or instructs.
1. somebody who teaches: somebody who teaches, especially as a profession 2. anything that teaches: an occurrence, idea, or object from which something may be learned Experience is a great teacher.
impart knowledge to somebody: to impart knowledge or skill to somebody by instruction or example taught me how to drive 2. transitive and intransitive verb give lessons in subject: to give lessons in or provide information about a subject taught Spanish to them 3. transitive and intransitive verb give lessons to somebody: to give lessons to a person or animal teaches the students on Wednesdays 4. transitive verb make somebody understand something: to bring understanding of something to somebody, especially through an experience  The experience taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. 5. transitive and intransitive verb teach regularly: to be a teacher in an institution  teaches college 6. transitive verb advocate something: to advocate or preach something a philosophy that teaches nonviolence [ Old English tǣcan< Indo-European, “to show”]

Guru defined: 1. [From Hinduism.] a preceptor giving personal religious instruction. 2. an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader. 3. any person who counsels or advises; mentor.

Buddhism “The Finger pointing at the moon is not the moonThich Nhat Hanh

Gratitude towards those on whose shoulders we stand generates a powerful force for peace – within ourselves and for all. — Her Holiness Shinso Ito

Sikhism The guru is the stepping stone,
The guru is the boat,
the guru is the raft of Hari’s name.The guru is the lake, the sea,
The guru is the ship,
the guru is the place to ford the stream.Would you like to glisten
in the lake that’s made of truth?
Go then and bathe in that name. Guru Nanak

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