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Advice Defined: an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc. 1. recommendation about action: somebody’s opinion about what another person should do May I give you some advice? 2. official information: formal or official information about something, usually received from a distance ( often used in the plural ) [13th century. < French avis “opinion” < Latin ad (meum) visum “in (my) view or opinion” visum, past participle of videre“to see”] Word Usage-advice or advise? Advice is a noun only, spelled with a -c-: He followed the doctor’s advice; advise is a verb only, spelled with an -s-: [She advised me to seek a teacher’s advice.]


Hinduism Feeding milk to snakes only increases its venom. Advice leads to the exasperation, not the tranquilization, of fools. – Hitopadesh, Chapter Vigraha, verse 4


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